Voices from our Customers

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Appreciation for your hospitality ! Page Top
Customer I am very impressed with your service, hospitality, and passion towards your customers and vehicles. I was welcomed by happy people who are proud of their jobs and I could tell how much dedication they put into their vehicles.
I thank you very much for your cooperation, Papera, and I promise to have good working relationship.

Jilly Maleko
Minister Counsellor of Tanzania Embassy, Japan
< Mrs. Jilly Maleko, Minister Counsellor of Tanzania Embassy, TANZANIA >

Customer Just to say i got the car on friday. Its my fourth day today using it. The car is extremely clean and in perfect condition. I thank you for everything . Interior is the best!!. Everythin the best. Thanks yuko!!!!! I still thank you and your workshop team for good car you send to me. Pass ma greetings to them. D
< Mr. David from Nairobi, KENYA >

Customer I wish to confirm that the unit arrived in good condition and the buyer was happy with it. Thank you PAPERA! Isaac from Nairobi, Kenya
< Mr.Isaac from Nairobi, KENYA >

It is a pleasure doing business with Papera! Page Top
Customer CGP Car Imports has been trading with Papera Traders since 2001, and have purchased some of the most reliable vehicles from this company.
In March 2009 my daughter and I made our first visit to Japan. Unaware of the intensity of the language barrier, we could not have foreseen or quantify the problems to be encountered.
Once we contacted Papera Traders, my account manager [Ms. Yumi Sato] stopped at nothing to locate and invited us to visit their office to witness their operations. Indeed, "a photo speaks a thousand words" because upon arrival at Papera's office we were welcomed with warm smiles and positive & professional attitudes.
I openly say 'Thank You' to Yumi and The Management & staff at Papera Traders; it has truly been a pleasure doing business with you. Now, putting faces to the welcoming voices on the phone can be better appreciated.
Thanks for everything.
< Ms. Charmaine Pierre and her daughter, CGP Car Imports Ltd, TRINIDAD >

The Most Trusted Company, Papera Traders Page Top
Customer I started an used car business in 2000 after I quit government job. We have imported about 1000 vehicles from Papera and earned a lot. Vehicles from Papera Traders are in top quality and sold in Kenya instantly. Customer service is excellent and these facts make them the NO.1 exporter. I guarantee it. I appreciate Papera Traders from the bottom of my heart and promise to be a good partner with them! Especially I show my warmest gratitude to Yoko !
< Mr.SAMMY KARANJA and his wife, Horizon Enterprise, KENYA >

18 hours of trip all the way from Tanzania !! Page Top
Customer We welcomed our long-term customer, Saddi, who has been our customer for 6 years from Tanzania. He came to Japan just to say hi to Papera staff. He always shops for large trucks and construction machinery as well as used cars. He puts vehicles knocked down into container and squeeze parts and tyres, etc into wherever the space is available around the vehicle. He normally purchases 10 container of stuff for one business talk. He makes us happy telling us he built his office because of the business with Papera ! The gold accessory he is wearing is very shinny like his smile and we are proud of him !

Happy to continue buying motor vehicles from PAPERA! Page Top
Customer I am very happy to continue buying motor vehicles from your company, especially dealing with my good friend Yoko who is very kind hearted. appreciate the confidence the top team have in me. I came there and the Papera team took care of me until the last minute and I remain greatful for the hospitality, infact I feel like coming again. May I? So, on behalf of SK Nganga Ltd, I would like to thank you for all your support to us and wish you a merry christmas and a happy new Year.

I'm RICH now because I buy from Papera! Page Top
Customer Greetings, This is a Caravan from your firm, on top is me and at the bottom is Alex and I. Alex bought it immediately after I got that car out of port. Today I have got the Toyota Carina you sold to me, I will be travelling far west to look for customers.
I aim to buy more cars next year than I have bought this year from Papera. I will promote Papera here in our local market. fellow customers Papera Traders is second to none, am rich now because I buy from Papera traders!
Thanks, Eric
< Mr. NDIEMA ERIC SAMMY, Floridiana Fowarders, KENYA >

Appreciate for Papera's service! Page Top
Customer We highly appreciate for Papera's service.
We feel great.
Thank you verymuch Masashi!
< Mrs. Catherine J. Obimo, Jesican Enterprise, KENYA >

Asante sana! Page Top
Customer Jambo. We arrived back safely .
Many thanks for the warm reception we received from your company and your willingness to work with us, we are looking forward. We also appreciate the Vitz .
Asante sana
< Mr. and Mrs Mugo, Northline Travel, KENYA >

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