Voices from our Customers

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COROLLA LUXEL from Papera in September 2010 Page Top
Usually people send you pictures within a few days of receiving their vehicles. But I wanted to send you pictures after I had used the vehicle for considerable time, just to test the quality. It will be almost 3 years since I purchased this vehicle from Papera and I have never had any problems with the vehicle ever since I got it. And as you can see the vehicle still looks new and in very good shape. This is just a testament to quality that Papera sells and I would never have any doubts in recommending your company to anyone. Please keep up the good work.

Best regards from a very satisfied Papera customer,

< Mr. Matthew Xavier / Zambia>

Land Cruiser Prado 2005 Page Top
Having driven the car for about 1½ months now, I can summarise the feedback as a super good car. You really tried to go by our specifications and got us what we wanted. I am enjoying the ride daily.

Thank you once again for your good service.

< Ms. Caroline Wambui / Kenya >

It is really nice, clean, smart! Page Top
The vehicle arrived on the night of 13th November, cleared and I received it on 17th. It is really nice, clean, smart and I am enjoying driving it around making me forget the long period of waiting. I sincerely did appreciate the deal and therefore a big thank you to you and the entire team.

< Ms. Mary Mugambi / Kenya >

Mr. John Wepukhulu from KEBS visited our office Page Top
Mr. Wepukhulu has been one of the longest customers and our friends in Kenya. He was staying in Japan for his other business, but he visited our office despite of his very tight schedule just to see Nishi all the way from Yokohama! Nishi and we felt very much honoured by his sincere and kind visit.

Thank you very much for your communication and friendship, Mr. Wepukhulu!

Best regards,

< Mr. John Wepukhulu / Kenya >

Mazda Demio and the Son Page Top
Mr. Muguna sent us photos that made our staff smile. Mazda Demio he purchased from us and his last born son, Clive.
Thank you very much, Mr. Muguna, and we hope you enjoy Demio for long!

< Mr. Muguna / Kenya >

Embassy of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar Page Top
We visited Embassy of Myanmar in Tokyo and spoke to Mr. Ambassador, H.E. Mr. U Khin Maung Tin. Myanmar is one of the most rapidly developing countries, and we could feel the pride people have toward their country. We appreciate very much for your time and kind advices. We hope we will build a good and strong business relationship with Myanmar!

< Papera Traders Co., Ltd. >

Car safely at home! Page Top
Car safely at home yesterday. Everybody likes it, too.
One took the coloured Papera poster off the car and said he is going to contact Papera.
Thanks again for this great car!

< Mr. Peart / Jamaica >

Thank so much brother!! Page Top
Dear Jun,
Attached is the photo of my family next to the toyota wish.
We are very happy for what you did to us as a family and may the almighty god bless you and your entire family.

< Dr. James Njatha Maingi / Kenya >

With PROBOX bought from PAPERA TRADERS Page Top
Customer Customer

Sammy sent us photos of his Probox from Papera
and also with his wife.
He is also wearing Papera T-Shirt.
Thank you, Sammy, for your patronage!

< Mr. Ndiema Eric Sammy, Kenya >

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