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Our Affiliated Dealer Stock

1. Associated Dealer Stock

Some of our stock are from our affiliated dealers in Japan.

Our affiliated dealers are based in Japan and has huge inventories of various vehicles: normal sedan to SUV, luxurious vehicles, rare vehicles, etc.

With affiliated dealer stock, you can find cars that are not always available in the auctions.

When you are to purchase affiliated dealer stock, firstly we will check the availability of the car with the dealer. Since our affiliated dealers are selling their vehicles in Japanese market also, we cannot hold their vehicles that long after our customer reserve it until we receive the deposit payment.
Their stock are "First Pay, First Take" basis.

2. Limited Time Stock

You can find very reasonable units from Limited Time Stock.

We have started a limited time stock with special offers from dealer. For limited time stocks, we need to receive a deposit payment by the deadline to get it. The payment deadline is very strict and it is offered on a first pay, first take basis. In return, you will often see good offers.

However, even if the car is sold in Japan, we still have over 30,000 inventory from other affiliated dealer all over Japan. Therefore we will source very similar one or even better substitute from a huge inventory or from the auctions. This is possible because we, Papera Traders, has excellent reputation and confidence in customer service and satisfaction both in Japan and overseas for more than 24 years!

For any questions, please contact your person in charge or send us e-mail at

We believe this Affiliated Dealer Stock gives our customers variety of selection and great business!

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